Holocaust Survivors' Rights Clinic

The Holocaust Survivors' Rights Clinic was established to ensure the welfare and the respectful existence of Holocaust Survivors through the use of legal means and tools such as: litigation and representation before various appeal committees, petitioning of relevant instances and courts, legislative lobbying, etc.

The clinical experience is accompanied by weekly meetings with the academic instructor who will lecture on the background of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, beginning with arrival in Israel, reparation agreements with Germany, and initial legislation in the 1950s—both in Israel and Germany. Discussions will be held on the various committees and organizations responsible for meeting the needs of Holocaust Survivors and the legal frameworks enacted to respond to these needs. Lessons will expand on Israeli case law and State Comptroller and investigative committee reports on the subject; finally, issues such as the changing social dynamics of cultural and social groups requesting recognition as Holocaust Survivors and the relationship between historical research, collective memory, and awarding compensation will be examined.

The clinic is being taught by Prof. Jose Brunner, attorney Moran Sadeh and attorney Liad Strulov.

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