Volume 33

Volume 33




Editor in Chief: Michael Birnhack


Editors: Moran Kleinfeld, Elran Shapira Bar-Or, Chen Zilberman



Editorial Board:

Rosin Benarush

Adi Blutner

Hagit Brinker

Efrat Cibulski           

Na’ama Daniel

Liron Dar

Rinat Demri

Liran Elinar

Yuval Friedlander

Tal Glezer

Lior Grupel

Tina Kaplan

Mayan Katz

Guy Keinan

Yoav Meer

Guy Nadir

Omer Netzer

Hila Ohayon

Amir Pintow

Roni Politi

Ohad Snir

Linoy Spector

Dana Tirangel

Andrey Yagupolsky





Volume 1


Hedi Viterbo,

The Crisis of Heterosexuality: The Construction of Sexual Identities in the Israeli Defamation Law, p. 5


Hani Ofek-Ghendler,

The Work Contract as a Uniform Contract, p. 51


David Gilo,

Are Price Recommendations a Trade Restraint, and if so, Why?, p. 101


Jacob Nussim,

Employee versus Independent Contractor for Tax Purposes, p. 135


Daphna Kapeliuk and Alon Klement,

Procedural Contracts, p. 187



Volume 2


Nili Cohen,

Justice Exception in Contract Enforcement – Morality and Efficiency as Considerations of Distributive Justice, p. 241



Concrete Content to Vague Standards: Behavioral Analysis of Consumer Contracts, p. 277


Jonathan Zell,

On the Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies, p. 327


Haim Sandberg and Adam Hofri-Winogradow,

Arab Women’s Renunciation of their Portions of Family Wealth – Reflections in the Civil Courts, p. 373


Elad Oreg,

Right to Information-Identity, p. 423


Ilan Saban, Allocating Access to Forums of Speech, Offence to Feelings, and the Issue of Impact on Culture in a Divided Community Undergoing Transition: A Municipal Theatre in a Town that is Becoming Ultra-Religious, p. 473


Volume 3


Editor in Chief: Michael Birnhack


Editors: Moran Kleinfeld, Elran Shapira Bar-Or, Chen Zilberman



Editorial Board:

Rosin Benarush                         Adi Blutner                              Hagit Brinker

Efrat Cibulski                             Na’ama Daniel                         Liron Dar

Rinat Demri                               Liran Elinar                              Yuval Friedlander

Tal Glezer                                 Lior Grupel                               Tina Kaplan

Mayan Katz                              Guy Keinan                              Yoav Meer

Guy Nadir                                 Omer Netzer                             Hila Ohayon

Amir Pintow                              Roni Politi                                Ohad Snir

Linoy Spector                           Dana Tirangel                            Andrey Yagupolsky





Daphne Barak-Erez, Toward Law of Democracy in Israel, p. 527


Nir Kedar, The Israeli Early Voting System Battle: A Story of Democracy, Civic Culture and Law, p. 555


Moshe Cohen-Eliya and Yoav Hammer, Lobbying and the Democratic Process, p. 593


Shirley Naveh, Parliamentary Bills as a Strategic Tool in the Deliberation on the Independence of the Judiciary, p. 631


Jennifer Shkabatur, Participatory Democracy in Israeli Cities: Toward the Digital Era, p. 665



Volume 33 Abstracts

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