Volume 30

Volume 30




Editor in Chief: David Gilo


Editors: Arie Rosen, Tamar Feldman


Editorial Board:

Nili Aleksandrowicz

Ofira Alon

Elisheva Avitzour

Daniel Aminezah

Nahi Benor

Arik Brenneisen

Anat Burger 

Olga Frishman

Hadar Israeli

Yonatan Kremer

Neta Patrick

Shahar Petel

Daniel Rotman

Amir Shmueli          

Shira Shmuely

Yonatan Slonim

Yoav Szutan






Volume 1


Nili Cohen,

TAU Law Review's 30th Anniversary, p. 5


Ariel Porat,

Exaggerated Liability, Offsetting Risks and Protective Medicine, p. 9


Yoram Margalioth,

The Choice Between Universality and Selectivity As a Question of an Optimal Income-Tax Model, p. 33


Guy Shani,

Appeal by Leave: Descriptive and Normative Aspects of Interlocutory Appeals, p. 71


Oren Gazal-Ayal,

Penal Agreement – A Proposal for a New Procedure, p. 125


Sharon Rabin-Margalioth,

Regulating Employees' Conversations About Their Pay



Volume 2


Omri Yadlin,

Causality in Insider Trading, p. 241


Roy Kreitner,

Partial Damages for Breach of Contract, p. 265


Pnina Alon-Shenker,

Works Councils in Israel: Towards a Tripartite Channel of Employee Representation and Participation, p. 319


Mordechai Halpert & Moshe Pardess,

Is It Really Possible to Convict Someone Based on Sole Scientific Proof? The Case of Fingerprint Evidence and DNA Evidence, p. 399



Volume 3 - Privatization


Daphne Barak-Erez,

The Public Law of Privatization: Models, Norms and Challenges, p. 461


Talia Fisher,

The Privatization of Law, p. 517


Amiram Gill,

Corporate Law as a Framework for Employee Representation, p. 575


Elad Finkelstein,

Privatization and Regulation: The Legal Regime Governing Mediation, p. 623


David Schorr,

Israeli Water Privatization, p. 663


Volume 30 Abstracts

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