Volume 32

Volume 32




Editor in Chief: Ofer Grosskopf


Editors: Irit Brodsky, Zvi Matzkin, Roni Schocken



Editorial Board:

Gadi Ben-Dror

Meytal Degani

Inbal Dolev

Renan Feldman

Adi Goldiner 

Moran Kleinfeld

Yael Levy

Guy Lotem

Moran Mazor

Shay Macover

Nadav Oberman

Uri Preisman

Eyal Sagi

Shani Schlamm

Sharon Seemann

Elran Shapira Bar-Or

Tal Shapsa

Modi Sherpsky

Yaacov Styr

Rona Timna

Chen Zilberman






Volume 1


Gideon Sapir,

Non-Delegation, p. 5


Daphne Barak-Erez,

Anti-Terrorism Law: An Institutional Perspective, p. 47


Eyal Katvan,

No More "Window Dressing": The Entry of Women into Prosecutorial and Judicial Roles Prior to and Following the Establishment of the State of Israel, p. 69


ShmuelI.Becher and Tal Z. Zarsky,

Consumers' Right of Withdrawal: A Well-Reasoned Right or a Pyrrhic Victory?, p. 127


Rottem Rosenberg,

Structuring the Memory of the Military Operation in Jenin: The Case of Bakri v. the Israeli Film Board, p. 203



Volume 2


Eyal Benvenisti,

Judicial Review and Democratic Failures: Judicial Responses to the Problem of Asymmetric Information, p. 277


Shai Wozner,

Conduct Rules, Decision Rules and Court Decisions, p. 305


Iris Canor,

Theoretical Analysis of Private International Law in Israel – Normative Reflections through a Comparative Perspective, p. 339


Yaniv Ron-El,

The Limits of Reproductive Freedom from a Liberal Perspective: The Case of Sex Selection, p. 391


Volume 32 Abstracts

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