Volume 31

Volume 31



Editor in Chief: Ofer Grosskopf


Editors: Na'ama Ehrlich, Adir Wanono, Amir Shmueli


Editorial Board:

Jonathan Bensoussan

Erez Boukai

Irit Brodsky

Omri Davidov

Maayan Edut

Ben Gilad

Ilan Grinshtein

Tamar Hodnik          

Avshalom Kasher

Rotem Levanon

Dorit Levin Wolf

Zvi Matzkin

Amit Meitus

Meiran Pildus

Yael Plitman

Roni Schocken

Shlomo Shatil

Jonathan Zell          





Volume 1


Guy Davidov,

The Principle of Proportionality in Labor Law, p. 5


Michael Birnhack,

The Rights of the Dead and the Freedom of the Living, p. 57


Nina Saltzmann,

"Negative Pledge" (Undertaking Not to Encumber an Asset) As Security for Credit, p. 115


Elay Aharonson,

The Reshaping of Progressive Politics in the Age of Judicialization: Historical and Theoretical Lessons on the Pitfalls of Prioritizing Litigation as a Vehicle of Social Change, p. 157


Mili Mass,

Baby at a Crossroads – the Dispute Regarding the Meaning of Adoption, p. 219



Volume 2


Tsilly Dagan,

Tax Deductions, p. 257


Sharon Hannes,

Business Judgment Rule, p. 313


Sharon Rabin-Margalioth and Alon Klement,

Employment Class Actions: Did the Rules of the Game Change?, p. 369


Oren Perez,

The Influence of Economic Thought on Israel's Environmental Law: A Critical Review, p. 429


Book Review


Menachem Mautner,

Perseus and the Three Old Women of Contract Law: on Roy Kreitner Calculating Promises



Volume 3

Ariel Porat,

Expanding Restitution, p. 521


Uriel Procaccia and Iris Argaman-Belahusky,

Alternative Trading Systems, p. 565


Assaf Jacob,

Informed Consent and Duty to Disclose, p. 609


Daniel Statman,

Critical Reflections on the Exemption of Pacifists from Military Service, p. 699


David Enoch,

More on Critical Reflection on the Exemption of Pacifists from Military Service – Response to Daniel Statman, p. 709


Volume 31 Abstracts

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