Workers' Rights Clinic

In the past twenty years or so, the percentage of unionized workers in the Israeli workforce has decreased dramatically, as did the working conditions of many workers in the country. The Clinic aims at strengthening the status of weak workers in the Israeli market, by using both legal and union-oriented measures. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of activities for the protection of weak employees: litigation before the labor courts (preparing draft motions, accompanying the litigating lawyer to court etc.); providing legal support for groups of workers attempting to pursue collective action (such as unionizing) for the first time in their place of work; suggesting statutory amendments and drafting them as Bills to be promoted by interested members of Knesset, and collaboration with other relevant bodies of the civil society.  

The clinic is being taught by Dr. Hila Shamir, Attorney Itai Svirski, attorney Racheli Idelevich, attorney Eden Shete and attorney Idit Zimerman.


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