The Yigal Arnon Legal History Workshop

The Yigal Arnon Legal History Workshop is the first workshop of its kind in Israel. The workshop, which was established in 1997, is designed to serve as a forum in which legal historians can present works in progress. It provides a unique institutional forum for the whole legal-history community in Israel. The workshop is the place where all Israeli legal historians, working in law schools, history departments and social science faculties, meet, present works in progress and interact with foreign colleagues. The workshop also provides TAU students (including many LL.M. and Doctoral students) with the opportunity to read and comment on state-of-the-art legal history articles, serving as the capstone of TAU's exceptional legal history curriculum. This curriculum provides students with special in-depth training in legal history and includes preliminary courses, elective courses and seminars and the workshop.


The workshop's scope is not limited temporally, geographically or methodologically. Papers presented deal with all periods (ancient, medieval and modern) and all geographical areas (Israel but also the United States, Britain, the continental and Islamic law worlds). The workshop also seeks to present a broad variety of disciplinary approaches to legal history and including economics, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies.


Over the years, the workshop has spawned a number of important institutional and academic projects related to legal history including several Israeli and international academic conferences, special journal issues on legal history and the creation of a nation-wide Israeli legal history association.


The workshop hosted over the years a wide scope of scholars including some of the world's leading legal historians.

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