The David Berg Foundation Institute for Law and History
The David Berg Foundation Institute for Law and History
was established in 2009 thanks to a generous donation from the David Berg Foundation of New York. Its mission is to advance research in legal history by developing the basis for legal historical research, encouraging the teaching of courses in the field, providing scholarships for graduate students and funding for researchers, and holding conferences and other academic events.


The Buchmann Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University is a leader in law and history in Israel and the world, with a singularly large group of researchers, much of whose research activity is in the field of law and history. The Faculty is home to the Yigal Arnon & Co. Legal History Workshop, the first of its kind in Israel. Over the years, the Faculty has hosted a range of Israeli and international conferences and academic events. A variety of books and journals on topics central to the field were published. The establishment of the David Berg Institute represents an additional stage in the development of the field within the Faculty.


The David Berg Institute for Law and History is directed by Prof. Assaf Likhovski , together with an academic steering committee composed of faculty members.

Steering Committee

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