Volume 2


Vol. 2 


  Ofer Sitbon Foreword

Ruth Gavison 

The Hollow Hope – Can Courts Bring About Social Change?A Book Review of Gerald Rosenberg's 2nd Edition (2008)

 Neta Ziv 

An Interview with Prof. Herman Schwartz, Founder of the US-Israel Civil Liberties Program of the New Israel Fund

Arye Vanger & Gilad Ostrovsky The Discourse of Rights and Environmental Quality: Can the Two Coexist?

Osnat Mandel

On Lawyering in the High Court of Justice's Petitions Department

Debbie Gild-Hayo & Sigal Shahav 

Legislative Lawyering as an Instrument of Social Change

   Itai Svirski 

By neither Law nor the Histadrut Alone: Promoting Organizing as an Effective Instrument for Self-Enforcement of Workers' Rights and for Social Empowerment

  Nanny Balas

Where is My Voice? A Feminist Journey through the Druze Community on the Way to a Different Kind of Lawyering


Lucie E. White

Subordination, Rhetorical Survival Skills and Sunday Shoes: Notes on the Hearing of Mrs. G.

Orit Kamir  Feminist-Community Lawyering Hollywood Style: North Country 

Michal Tadjer

"Once There Was a Most Hungry Man": On Justice, Poverty and Community Lawyering

    Dani Filc

Law's Influence on the Commercialization of Healthcare Services in Israel


Ricki Shiv 

"Stop the Revolution without Me": On the Promulgation and the Disciplining of the Discourse of Distributive Justice and Social Rights


Yuval Elbashan

Barack Obama, Community Lawyer

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