Human Rights Clinic

The Human Rights Clinic engages law students, lawyers and faculty in cases and projects in two main areas: the Rights of Arab citizens in Israel and Social Rights of disempowered communities and individuals, with particular emphasis on the right to health and education. The Human Rights Clinic targets both traditional and novel areas of law in the field of human rights, in an attempt to utilize a variety of legal strategies and mechanisms to forward these causes. The clinic is a curricular course offered to third year law students throughout a full academic year. It is run by a faculty member, two lawyers, one working full time and the other part time, and 20 students who study, work and conduct legal research in the area of human rights. The students meet once a week in a seminar class, and work about 5-6 hours a week under the supervision of a clinical teacher-attorney. Recently, the clinic litigated numerous right to health and right to education cases, as well as anti-discrimination cases on behalf of Israeli-Palestinian clients.

The clinic is being taught by Dr. Yofi Tiroshattorney Hicham Chabaita and attorney Adi Nir-Binyamini.


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