Environmental Justice Clinic

The Environmental Justice Clinic combines clinical work and theoretical study of Environmental Law and the Advancement of Environmental Rights.

The subjects of the theoretical study include: How basic rights and the right to have a healthy environment relate to each other? What is the essence of Environmental Law in a modern state? What are the difficulties in balancing the use of common resources like water, land, air and the prevention of pollution? Analyzing the different ways of protecting the environmental rights of the poor. What is the affect of different technological methods in preventing pollution in the industrialized society and how can they be combined with legal tools?

In the clinical section the students deal with a variety of subjects that relate to the advancement of the right to healthy environment, and the public interest in the prevention of pollution and protection of natural resources by representation of community and environmental organizations and poor people.


The clinic is taught by Prof. Issi Rosen-Zvi and attorney Galit Ofer.


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