We at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law believe that the legal community - lawyers, judges, scholars and students - carries a specific and heightened responsibility to pursue equality and justice in law, and to advance human rights. In order to enhance the involvement of the Israeli legal community in the advancement of social and legal justice, the Tel-Aviv Faculty of law has established the Legal Clinics.

The programs seek to promote throughout the law school a legal culture dedicated to social justice. This unique combination enriches academic scholarship and legal practice.

Our clinics are the most innovative, comprehensive and compelling among all such programs in Israel. We engage faculty members, clinical lawyers and approximately 150 law students a year in a variety of programs that serve the neediest and disadvantaged groups in Israel. Through our seven clinics we offer our students a unique educational experience, and at the same time provide essential legal services to a number of at risk communities. The clinics’ work also constitutes a valuable resource for research, thus combining all three missions of TAU in one program: experiential teaching (and learning), research and community service.

Our students play a central role in meeting clients, analyzing the legal issues, coming up with possible solutions and working with the clients – always under the guidance and supervision of trained lawyers who are employed by the clinic. In addition to the practical work, our faculty members meet with the students once a week to learn, discuss and reflect upon the theoretical and doctrinal aspects of their work.

We believe that providing students with opportunities to implement theoretical legal knowledge to better the status of the underprivileged -- the poor, minorities, peoples with disabilities -- will develop and sustain their sensitivity to social and legal injustice throughout their professional career. Web Building