Tel Aviv - Berkeley Executive LLM Program

This Executive LL.M. Program in Commercial Law is designated for experienced lawyers in the commercial law – associates and partners in law firms, legal advisers, judges, executives from governmental organizations etc. Our basic assumption is that these skilled men and woman prefer studying in an intimate framework, together with other students with similar background.  For this reason we decided to limit the maximal number of participants in the program to 36 students per year. Moreover, in order to verify the high capabilities and potential of the participants, the law faculty has structured a flexible selection mechanism, based on candidate's formal datum, recommendations and also on personal interviews, which allow first hand impression of every candidate's suitability.

As was expected, in the previous years the program succeeded in attracting an excellent group of participants. Participants' tremendous legal background and their intellectual curiosity allow lecturers to maintain such level of courses which is higher relatively to any other program. At the same time, participants' similar background and intimate and intensive studying framework have produced, sooner than expected, personal friendships and business relationships between the students and also created a comfortable and pleasant studying atmosphere.

The intimate and qualitative framework of the Executive Program allows us to express, in an optimal way, the basic philosophy of our faculty and of our colleagues from Berkeley University. We believe that there is no barrier between the theoretical and practical fields. Good theory assists us to better understand reality and allows us to act more effectively. A "non-practical" theory is not "too theoretic", but is just a bad theory. Hence, beyond the deep acquaintance with legal and economic theories, taught at the program, every course is supposed to enable the students to implement those theories in the world of practice.

One of the main advantages of this program is the cooperation with the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law. As a part of this cooperation, the third semester of the program is taking place at Berkeley, in the summer. The courses at Berkeley are taught in English, by the Law School professors who specialize in business law. Moreover, in compliance with our program's basic philosophy, out intention is to combine theories with practice and to exploit Berkeley University's location at the hart of Silicon Valley to allow students direct  acquaintance with entrepreneurs, bankers and lawyers from the Valley and its typical industries.


List of courses:
  In Israel (taught in Hebrew):

*      Advanced Issues in Property Law
*      Securities Market Regulation – United States versus Israel
*      Reading of Financial Statements and Companies' Evaluation
*      Mergers and Acquisitions and Other Advances Topics in Corporate Law
*      Taxation of Financial Instruments 
*      Antitrust Law
*      Intellectual Property
*      Advanced Issues in the Law of Collaterals

In U.C. Berkeley (five courses among this non-conclusive list):

*      Corporate Reorganizations
*      International Trade
*      Advanced Antitrust Law
*      Telecommunications
*      Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
*      Law and Business in Chine
*      United States Federal Income and International Taxation
*      Fiduciary Duties within Business Organizations
*   The Legal Profession and the Venture Capital Industry


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