Student Community Involvement

Activities promoted by the Faculty, with release from classroom hours awarded according to type of activity  

Clinical Programs
The Elga Cegla Programs for Clinical Legal Education

The clinics' website

The programs for clinical legal education were established in the Faculty with the aim of increasing the involvement of legal personnel in the advancement of legal and social justice, and in order to help to create a legal culture committed to social justice. The programs combine practical and theoretical legal studies, the provision of legal assistance, and personal and community empowerment. This combination offers unique insights that enrich and fructify both academic research and the legal practice.

During the 2006-07 school-year the Faculty will operate seven clinical programs:

Human Rights Program

Criminal Justice Program

Social Welfare Law Program

Environmental Justice Program, in cooperation with the Porter School for Environmental Study

Refugee Rights Program

Micro-business and Economic Justice Program

The clinical programs are offered as an integral part of the students' studies at the Faculty.

The clinics' website

Public Interest Law Program:

Beside the clinical legal education programs there is the PILRC, established by the Ford Foundation. The program's objective is to encourage legal activity on behalf of social change and the protection of human rights in Israel. The PILRC is involved in writing applied position papers, conducting supplementary courses and conferences, and in establishing workgroups and study groups specializing in particular topics (such as the representation of juvenile delinquents, the representation of people who have been involuntarily committed, clinical legal education, etc.).

In the framework of the mentoring program, third year students at the Faculty assist and accompany first year students on their initial steps and into the following stages. Meetings take place frequently and are devoted to teaching orientation and familiarity with legal sources, and to improving the legal writing.

Personal mentoring is a new program, in which volunteer students participate. Its objective is to provide personal support and assistance to students who are struggling in their studies, whether for economic reasons, language difficulties, or other special circumstances. 

Heart in Law
This program provides legal assistance to the needy who cannot afford a lawyer's services. Participating in it are second year law students and professional lawyers, who provide assistance in various legal fields such as: civil suits, execution of court orders, National Insurance, work laws, assistance to the mentally ill, etc. The project was awarded the 2002 President's Prize for Volunteerism.

Introductions to Law
This program belongs to the Faculty of Law's student council and is active in a large number of schools in combination with national educational projects. We are working to improve education towards democracy and tolerance and teaching law from the primary to the high school level. An "Introductions to Law" course will include 18-32 meetings, each lasting two academic hours. 20-30 trainers, 2 studies coordinators and a project manager are involved in the program.

The People’s University
The People’s University project is an original initiative with no precedent in Israel or abroad, whereby Tel Aviv University (TAU) opens its doors to marginalized groups in Israel and invites them to take part in special introductory courses taught by TAU students. The People’s University targets groups such as new immigrants, battered women, alienated or at-risk youth, and ethnic minorities, and enables them to acquire knowledge in fields such as law, economics, medicine, political science, philosophy, and art. Among the project’s goals are, bridging social gaps in Israel and increasing accessibility to knowledge (and subsequently formal education), while nurturing a social consciousness among TAU students.

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