Center students will be offered the following academic activities:


Advanced courses

The Center offers a variety of tailor-made courses that encompass the full spectrum of legal fields and research methodologies. Given in small classes, these special courses are supplemented by several courses in English. Students are also expected to take at least one course with an affiliated overseas faculty professor or visiting professor and are invited to attend the prestigious Faculty workshops, in which leading scholars from Israel and abroad present papers in progress.


Courses Given by Affiliated and Visiting Professores



Workshops are courses in which various articles and papers in stages of preparation are presented to the students, who are asked to respond to them both verbally and in writing. In most cases, the articles will be presented by their authors, who may be from Israel or abroad.  The Center offers workshops in the following fields:

Reading workshops

These workshops are aimed at providing students with a theoretical grounding of the various branches of the law, combined with a familiarity with research methodologies and academic writing

Thesis workshop and doctoral colloquium

The Thesis workshop enables master's students to present their papers and discuss the development, writing and methodological aspects of their thesis.


The Doctoral colloquium provides a framework for doctoral students to present their work.


Theses / Dissertations

Student theses and dissertations are likely to enrich legal thought, academic knowledge and legal discourse in Israel and abroad. It is intended that thesis-based master's studies will yield publishable articles, while doctoral degrees will lead to a book or series of articles.



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