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About the center

The Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies offers for the first time in Israel a variety of programs for master's and doctoral students in a structure that will encourage a direct track to a doctorate degree. The Center is a beacon of academic excellence, attracting graduates from the best law schools in Israel and the world who are interested in studying law at an international level. The establishment of the Center  have a direct and immediate impact on Israeli legal education: it  enrich its curriculum with global aspects of law, both by bringing some of the world's best legal minds to teach at the Center, and by sending research students to the world's top institutions, such as Harvard and Yale law schools. By providing a high quality alternative to graduate schools abroad, the Center function an anti brain drain device, with the hope that in the years ahead the Center will also host research fellows and students from overseas.
Research Grants and Work Environment
To demonstrate its commitment to nurturing talented students toward excellence, the Center is placing great emphasis on providing the support and resources students need to successfully complete their degrees. It awards generous research grants to ensure they can devote themselves to full-time research and provides an accommodating work environment that includes a world-class library, research rooms and personal guidance. 
Research Semester Abroad
During their studies, outstanding doctoral candidates  have the opportunity to spend one semester as visiting scholars at top foreign institutions such as Yale and Harvard Law Schools.
Extracurricular Activities
The Center organize student forums to address areas like teaching issues and the publication of articles. It  encourage the involvement of research students in the Faculty’s scholarly journals. 
The Executive Council

Professor Ron Harris, Dean, Buchmann Faculty of Law and Director of The Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies  
Professor Yishai Blank, Vice Dean, Buchmann Faculty of Law 
Professor Joseph Klafter, President, Tel Aviv University
Professor Aron Shai , Rector, Tel Aviv University
Ms. Daphna Nehmad Meitar
Mr. Aviad Meitar
Mr. Meir Linzen

Academic Board

Professor Ron Harris, Dean, Buchmann Faculty of Law and Director, The Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies 
Professor Yishai Blank, Vice Dean, Buchmann Faculty of Law 
Professor Ariel Porat, Chair, Ph.D. Committee, Buchmann Faculty of Law
Dr.  Daphna Hacker, Chair, LL.M. Committee, Buchmann Faculty of Law 
Professor Nili Cohen
Professor Menachem Mautner 







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