Taubenschlag Institute of Criminal Law


Director : Dr. Shay Wozner   
Administrative Director: Ms. Seffi weintraub
The Taubenschlag Institute of Criminal Law is an interdisciplinary
institute dedicated to research in the fields of criminal
law, evidence law and criminal procedure. The institute seeks to
facilitate cooperation between legal scholars and researchers in
other disciplines - including philosophy, sociology, anthropology,
criminology and economics - in an effort to attain a more
comprehensive understanding of criminal law. The institute regularly
hosts international conferences and academic events, dedicated to
contemporary issues of criminal law, both in Israel and around the
world. Among its regular activities the institute hosts the prestigious " Taubenschlag Annual Lecture", the "Author Meets Readers" series, as well as the  "Judges and Academia" round table forum
e-mail: taub@post.tau.ac.il

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