Law Review
Edited by Dr. Avihay Dorfman.
This is the Faculty of Law's primary publication in Hebrew. It is edited in the main by outstanding Faculty students who are studying towards their first and second degrees. The journal comes out three times a year, and thirty five volumes have been published to date. Essays appear in it written by lecturers, judges, lawyers and outstanding students. Faculty teachers are constantly at the students' disposal to provide instruction and assistance in submitting material to the editorial board.
Theoretical Inquiries in Law 
Theoretical Inquiries in Law is devoted to the application of insights on law developed by diverse disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, economics, history and psychology. The range of issues dealt with by the journal is virtually unlimited, subject to the journal’s commitment to cross-disciplinary fertilization of ideas. We strive to provide a forum for all those who have an interest in looking at law from more than a single theoretical perspective and who share our view that only a multi-disciplinary analysis of law can provide a comprehensive account of the complex interrelationships between law, society and individuals.
Theoretical Inquiries in Law appears in several databases, including Lexis, Westlaw, LegalTrac, HeinOnline and Bepress.
Theoretical Inquiries in Law is ranked first among more than two hundred non-US law journals which are ranked by the Washington and Lee most cited legal periodicals index. It is ranked third in the "Jurisprudence and Legal Theory" category (which includes both US and non-US legal journals).

Dinei Israel (Laws of Israel)
Edited by Prof. Arye Edrei and Prof. Suzanne Last Stone
Dine’ Israel, a yearly periodical journal devoted to Jewish Law and related fields, publishes studies in Jewish Halakha and Jewish law from various standpoints. As an important and unique platform for the examination of Jewish Law, Dine’ Israel explores the relationship between Jewish Law and the theory of law, in addition to the relationship between the fields of humanities and social sciences with Halakha and Jewish law. 


Dine Israel is jointly published by the Buchmann Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University and the Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University in New York. The journal is published once annually with articles in Hebrew and English. Volume 29 was issued on September, 2013.

Law, Society and Culture
This series of books constitutes a prestigious and unique podium for interdisciplinary academic studies that deal with examining the relations between law and other fields of knowledge, including political science, sociology, history, philosophy, economics, literature, art, religion, science and technology. The series is part of the interdisciplinary trend in law research which has been developing in Israel in recent decades. It seeks to present to the Israeli reader the latest in interdisciplinary research innovations and serves as a forum for examining them. The series' titles are published once a year, and each is devoted to a specific topic. Both jurists and scholars from other fields have written for the series, bringing to bear diverse and innovative research methods. The series is edited at Tel-Aviv University's Faculty of Law, but it serves as a lectern for the entire university, granting equal status to law and other fields of knowledge.
Professor Asher Maoz was the chief editor of the series until the end of 2006. The chief editor of the book series is Professor Menachem Mautner.
An editor is appointed to each title in the series with expertise in the field that that title deals with, who is assisted by an editorial board consisting of outstanding Faculty of Law students. All of the articles are submitted to academic judges for appraisal.
In recent years the following books have appeared in the framework of the series:
"Technologies of Justice: Law, Science and Society", edited by Dr. Shai Lavi
"Jurisprudence on Love", edited by Prof. Hanna Naveh and Dr. Orna Ben-Naftali
"Be Quiet, They're Talking: the Legal Culture of Freedom of Speech in Israel", edited by Dr. Michael Birnhack
"Empowerment", edited by Prof. Guy Mundlak and Dr. Mimi Eisenstadt
"Fenced Communities", edited by Dr. Amnon Lehavi
"Jewish Identity", edited by Prof. Asher Maoz and Dr. Aviad Hacihen.
"Is Law Important?", edited by Dr. Dafna Hacker and Dr. Neta Ziv

The coming titles in the series are:

The Law, Society and Culture series of books is dedicated to the memory of Chaim Y. Zadok, who left his stamp on Israeli law, society and culture. No-one is worthier of having his name commemorated by this interdisciplinary series.
Tel-Aviv University Journal of Law and Social Change
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Shiri Regev-Messalem.
The first law journal in Israel dedicated to law and social change. This new publication is aimed at exposing the jurists' community as well as the wide public to the burgeoning activity in these fields; to establish a body of systemic knowledge and vocabulary; and to place them in wider social, historical, economical and cultural contexts. An academic advisory committee supervises the edition of the journal which is published once a year.

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